Job description:

Account management trainee who handles day-to-day coordination and support for account team. Our account management team is responsible for maintaining the relationship between the agency and our clients. Members of this team are the liaisons between the Client, Media, and Creative teams to ensure the client’s needs and goals are being met—all while keeping the agency’s best interests in mind. Assistant Account Executives (AAE) play an essential role within the department, supporting the execution and production of creative ideas in all mediums for multiple clients. In short, you help make our creative ideas become real. Direct Mail experience very helpful.


  • Obsessive organizational skills. With projects under your command from start to finish, this job requires a knack for spreadsheets, timelines, budgeting and plate spinning.
  • Amazing communication and presentation skills. You’ll need to manage expectations of the clients and internal teams, process multiple points of view and incorporate other peoples’ ideas into real project plans.
  • A sense of ownership for everything you do. Creating things that are truly great require you to have an entrepreneurial spirit, a lot of autonomy, and an ability to check your ego at the door.
  • Someone who can face an enormous business challenge and think, “how do we get started?”

This position will:

  • Manage schedules for multiple programs and keep staff updated on changes.
  • Responsible for ensuring strong organization of the job jackets making sure specification sheets are attached to every job folder and back up materials in every folder.
  • Adhere to pre-established guidelines and specific instructions and training, to effectively perform the functions of the job.
  • Review/approve final digital proofs on behalf of the client.
  • Shared duties with maintaining client reference documents such as creative test results library.
  • Responsible for monitoring deadlines and daily progress on all print project elements.
  • Attend variance meeting and document problems that occurred on job in order to facilitate solutions.
  • Writes change orders and coordinates project changes with internal departments.
  • Coordinates interdepartmental meetings.
  • Provide data tracking support.
  • Assists account staff with special projects as needed.
  • Distributes samples of printed materials.
  • Desired Skills and Experience.
  • Schedule and coordinate the flow of work within or between departments to expedite production.
  • Traffic/route all job jackets through the agency, and constantly track timelines, as directed by the department supervisors, in order to consistently deliver client deliverables on time and on budget.
  • Establish priorities, reprioritize, and revise schedules accordingly. Confer with department supervisors to determine progress of work and to provide information on changes.
  • Write and review standard operating procedures for common departmental tasks/duties.
  • Ensures continuity throughout print elements, including strict adherence guidelines and regulatory requirements. Relays modifications to internal/external resources throughout project life cycle.
  • Perform Quality Control checks on all work being delivered, to make sure all changes were made, all queries were addressed, prior to routing.
  • Proficient in Word, Windows, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Software.
  • Excellent written and oral communication able to dictate in a clear and precise manner.
  • Must be able to analyze many variables and choose the most effective course of action quickly.
  • Must be able to handle novel and diverse work problems on a daily basis.
  • Must be able to communicate feedback in a professional manner.
  • Must be able to analyze causes of interpersonal conflict and resolve complex communications issues.

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