The Director of Analytics is responsible for taking client reports and providing actionable insights from data to KERN clients and the KERN Strategy team.

Role and Responsibilities:

Optimize the campaign and investment performance of our clients’ marketing investments by monitoring campaign results, interpreting those results and providing insights and recommendations for next-step optimizations. Ensure the campaign reporting is converted to data intelligence to guide targeting, media and creative strategy.

Drive organic and new logo revenue through active participation with new business teams and account directors. Develop campaign-learning plans and associated test plans.

Identify new vendor relationships (media and data) as needed to achieve the department and agency objectives.

Proactively provide guidance, creative thinking and direction to department staff. Develop staff on how to translate reporting data into insights and recommendations for client presentation.

Increase the sophistication of the implementation and reporting of the agency’s analytical data offerings (web analytics, data analytics, data modeling and campaign tracking)

Experience in leading a wide range of data analytics, modeling and campaign reporting initiatives, including the ability to direct a range of “model” development projects, convert customer data into marketing and targeting insights and the ability to drive web and campaign measurement programs.

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