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Trigger Communications in the Auto Industry

The decision to buy, and how a brand might influence that choice, is a code we are constantly trying to crack for our clients. Lately we’ve been exploring triggered communications based on actions a prospect might take and all the factors that go into a successful triggers campaign. Today I’ll share a few trigger ideas for auto dealerships looking to ...


Current State Of A Buyer’s Mind-Set

Things are happening, and our strategy team would like to share two main cultural and socioeconomic events that are, or may soon be, affecting consumers’ buying habits. I think it’s important to frame what a consumer may think and feel with what’s happening around them outside of the market transaction of goods. After all, there are many factors that contribute ...


Driving Long-Term Functional Value in the Experience Economy

20+ years ago, B. Joseph Pine II wrote about our entry into the experience economy—an economy in which growth strategies including the orchestration of events and experiences drive product value beyond the functional value of the product itself. But what is it about experiences that enable a company to attract and retain customers over time? This question is particularly important ...


Back to Basics

At KERN, we periodically ask ourselves, “what’s next?” Summer 2017, there was a heavy focus on what we could do with technology partners and APIs. We spoke to partners like Movable Ink, Iterable and Foursquare to bring together new ways to market our client’s products and services. As we continue these conversations and create innovative solutions for our clients, it’s ...


Build CRM with Inbound Marketing

Today’s consumers are no longer responding to the hard sell the way they have in the past. They now look to brands to be educated about products and services that make their lives easier when making buying decisions. They seek out informative content, and inbound marketing is made to meet this modern buyer’s behavior. The more content you create and ...


The Modern Buyer’s 10-stage Journey

The modern consumer is ever-changing. Armed with advancing technology, their mind-set has evolved and no longer fits traditional personas. KERN recognized this problem and sought to develop a solution that would fit modern needs for marketers. Recognizing that the convergence of faster connection speeds on both mobile and home devices, the accelerated adoption of online searching and sharing, and the ...


“Switching Culture” In Streaming and TV Is Now A Thing

We’ve been entertaining the hypothesis that video viewers can and will follow preferred content wherever it goes. Regardless of platform, cable service provider or mobile device, consumers can now comfortably navigate different service providers. In the not so distant past, consumers were locked into single service providers by geographical boundaries. Entire counties could be serviced only with content from one ...

The Future of CRM Marketing: Eight Big Trends and How They Will Affect You

A detailed look at forecasted 2018 CRM Marketing trends, from technological advances to shifts in the structure of marketing departments. This white paper provides information to aid in rethinking strategies and incorporating the best resources to optimize results and achieve 2018 goals.