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5 Ways to Empower the Loyalty Loop

In the age of the empowered consumer, buying journeys are rarely linear. This means that the traditional purchase funnel isn’t aligned with the modern customer experience, and it’s time marketers adapted their view to drive conversions.


Triggered: Tips to Get Started with Automated Email

Triggered emails are outperforming standard direct marketing emails but make up only 7% of marketing emails delivered. These vastly underutilized campaigns boast an average of more than 50% compared to the 20% cross-industry average open rate. They can also drive two to five times more revenue than standard emails. While the results speak for themselves, setting up a trigger campaign ...


Factors to Consider when Placing Email CTA Buttons

Factors to Consider when Placing Email CTA Buttons The CTA button is a critical part of your email—if you’re not getting clicks, you’re not getting conversions. Best practices can vary by both industry and target audience, and the best way to determine what works is to test, test, test. We have identified three main factors to consider in determining the ...


Top 10 Loyalty Program Dos and Don’ts

Today, informed customers know they have choices. If your loyalty program isn’t firing on all cylinders, your customers will find something better. You don’t have to outspend the competition, you just have to outthink them. Download your free white paper.


5 Ideas for Program Innovation + A Bonus

Welcome to the Age of the Customer. The fastest-growing companies are focused on improving their customer relationships. With competitors just one click away, it’s essential to build loyalty and trust with every customer interaction. Here are five principles that will help you build better relationships with your customers. Download your free white paper.


The Modern Buyer’s 10-stage Journey; Progressive Persona Stages: Evaluate Solutions

As we move through the Modern Buyer’s 10-Stage Journey, we’ve identified not only the consumer’s mind-set but also how brands can combat potential consumer anxieties, and suggested marketing strategy and channels to better reach a target audience. We have followed our subject, Tara, along her buying journey purchasing a new laptop. Tara has had concerns about both the price and ...


The Modern Buyer’s 10-stage Journey; Progressive Persona Stages: Search for Solutions & Seek Vendor Solutions

Last week, we reviewed stage 2 of the Modern Buyer’s 10-Stage Journey, “Need Recognition.” Our subject, Tara Technology, recognized a need days after she experienced her initial distraction in stage 1 due to monetary concerns. We learned that while in both stage 1 and 2, it was important for brands to target customers through pre-determinded personas to communicate brand benefits ...


The Modern Buyer’s 10-stage Journey; Progressive Persona Stage: Distraction

KERN developed the Modern Buyer’s 10-Stage Journey based on rapidly changing human patterns, the accelerated adoption of online searching and sharing, and the proliferation of social networks and always-on communication abilities. In this weekly series, we take a deeper look at each of the stages in this journey, what each means for brands and takeaways to act on each stage. ...