The Personalized Marketing Blueprint

Personalized Marketing has long been one of the biggest challenges for marketers — using data to reach the right person with the right message at the right moment, automated at scale — but now it’s experiencing renewed urgency and focus.



Will COVID-19 Help the Grinch Steal Christmas This Year? COVID-19 has completely reshaped the world, and those effects will continue to be felt this holiday season. With financial turmoil and fears of social interaction, it’s a holiday stage even the Grinch himself couldn’t have imagined. Both consumers and retailers will rely heavily on technology to pivot effectively and retain some ...


Marketing In An Election Year

Consumers already have a lot to consider in 2020, what with a global pandemic and social unrest. So, adding who will be our next commander in chief will carry a lot of weight for most. More than ever, brands must be timely and relevant to ensure their messages are heard and considered. Is Your Marketing Plan Ready? As we gear ...


Good-bye Big Tech?

Privacy. Tax loopholes. Monopolies. Hacking. Fake news. What do they all have in common? Big Tech and its influence on current consumer mindsets, the economy and state of the media. The big question here is—do Americans care enough to do something to take away that influence? The short answer is yes. Nearly 7 in 10 Americans say it’s time to ...

How to Leverage Social Listening for Reputation or Crisis Management

Social listening has a variety of applications to help businesses meet their business and marketing goals. It provides marketers with the ability to monitor awareness levels, the competitive landscape, consumer segments, product features and brand sentiment. Social listening also provides marketers with access to near real-time online discussions and posts to quickly address reputation or crisis management issues. As marketers, ...


Trigger Communications in the Auto Industry

The decision to buy, and how a brand might influence that choice, is a code we are constantly trying to crack for our clients. Lately we’ve been exploring triggered communications based on actions a prospect might take and all the factors that go into a successful triggers campaign. Today I’ll share a few trigger ideas for auto dealerships looking to ...


Current State Of A Buyer’s Mind-Set

Things are happening, and our strategy team would like to share two main cultural and socioeconomic events that are, or may soon be, affecting consumers’ buying habits. I think it’s important to frame what a consumer may think and feel with what’s happening around them outside of the market transaction of goods. After all, there are many factors that contribute ...


5 Ways to Empower the Loyalty Loop

In the age of the empowered consumer, buying journeys are rarely linear. This means that the traditional purchase funnel isn’t aligned with the modern customer experience, and it’s time marketers adapted their view to drive conversions.